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An Age Contrived: Core Edition

An Age Contrived: Core Edition

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An Age Contrived is a competitive strategy game of engine building and fantasy gods. You play as a god in the Eldranic pantheon, where you are only as powerful as the mortals of this unstable world believe you are. Your goal is to establish yourself as the pantheon's prevailing god by securing mortal belief, as you advance the mortal realm from its age of darkness into civilization.

Player Count: 1-5

Playing Time: 90-120 minutes

Ages: 12+

Language: English

Game Highlights

Engine building in 5 different ways.

Positive player interaction with minimal luck.

Chaining combos that allow clever plays.

Resource programming for action selection.

Unique player powers that are unlocked gradually.

Magnetic monuments that construct a 3D board.

Best-in-class production and components.

Components Included

1 Game Board
6 Magnetic Monuments
5 Player Boards
5 Character Boards
5 Character Miniatures
105 Energy Tokens
5 Channel Markers
20 Bridge Tokens
50 Transmuter Tiles
41 Action Tokens
25 Conduit Tokens
6 Monument Benefit Tokens
5 Monument Randomizer Tokens
6 Achievement Tokens
5 Divine Winds Tokens
32 Cards
1 Solo Mat
1 Score Pad
5 Player Aids
2 Rulebooks
2 Plastic Trays


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